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Rabidly Whimsical Tenacity

turning the pictures in my head into a roof over it...

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Three weeks after finishing college, I caught a one-way Greyhound bus to New York City. Despite a successful (but thankfully short) stint selling animation to some of the world's top advertising agencies, I began illustrating for Valiant & ElfQuest, painting book and album covers, and creating interior illustrations for various magazines and entertainment companies.

After twelve years, three burglaries, two terrorist attacks, and one fire which left me homeless on New Year's Eve, I’d had enough of the Big Hard and relocated to New Orleans, just in time for Katrina. If I've learned anything, it's that opportunity lives where most fear to tread, and so I bought a flooded house in the 9th Ward & put it back together under the direction of my amazing partner.

Now, I travel the country selling my artwork and decorating skin at renaissance festivals, sci-fi cons, BDSM conventions and anywhere else people are bored with paintings of landscapes and flowers. I also storyboard for the film industry.

You can see my paintings (and purchase lithographs of them!) here. Thank you for visiting!

MY BOOK "Lightsurfing: Living Life in the Front of My Mouth" is an illustrated, anecdotal, autobiographical journey of what it takes to carve your own path in the world, and even make a living at it. You can order it on Amazon!

I'm Miz Marrus on Facebook, or you can sign up as a fan.

I use this blog to do Four Things: Inspire. Catalyze. Entertain. Educate. Kinda the same things I use my art for. And my life. Wait, they’re they same thing. Thanks for visiting. I’m hoping one of my Four Things makes you laugh or cry or think. Enjoy reading!

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